(BETA Advertising "Link Farm", Prices Lowered)

Google AdWords-mania made me rethink a lot of things in terms of my sites' marketing abilities. Everyone nowadays seem to focus on text link campaigns. 4 out of 5 requests that we receive are text link related.

As a result, I'm excited to let you know that with a slight change in code, TheWorldJournal.com is now able to deliver a very cool text link platform!

The space that is usually occupied by banners (160x600, 120x600 and 468x60) are transformed into a unique marketplace that looks exciting and colorful. We made sure that displayed advertising match the overall site presence with colors, font size and design!

- Generous space for text-link campaign
- Have a small logo (brand) display with it
- Achieve high CTR with incredible matching style of the site
- Creative way to reach hundreds of thousands of people
- Limited advertisers: won't steal the attention off your campaign
- LOW priced: advertisers share the space and hence the cost

Please take a look at what YOUR advertising can look like:


Such focus, distribution and presentation is capable to deliver many hundreds of leads toward your business. When was the last time you run an effective campaign?

www.TheWorldJournal.com is the largest Student Media Network on the Internet, serving 200,000+ young people 18-35 years of age primarily located in North America. Firms like Dell, Netflix, Sublet and Universal Studios are all profiting from our demographics. You can, too.

Each space for your text-link and a small graphical logo/image is going for only $195 (1 month contract). A maximum of 3 links will be sold.

Campaign starts on June 1, 2005.

*We will proceed only if at least 2 spaces are sold.

Post below, PM or email to reserve a spot. First come first served.