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    Need feedback on from Dec2004

    Peer1 took over serverbeach and I was hoping they're services got better. I've read several bad reviews and thought maybe they've improved....

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    May 2004
    Blue Springs, Missouri
    I never had any problems with their network.

    it was always RICHARD in their sales department, he wasn't too nice.

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    had my server with them since nov 2003 or so, had no problems with it up to now

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    Apr 2005
    One of my friends has a server from them that he uses for gaming. I play on it all the time too.
    They recently moved to a new datacenter. The total downtime for the move was under 2 hours
    Their network and servers are good, but I think that their support could be better. They are working hard though, and have released tons of new stuff.
    Check out

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