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    Arrow Nameserver Help Needed on very tough question...

    Question, I want to buy my own server, I have 2 domain that I donít use but I want to use them as the nameservers and since these names are not used to host anything I want them to by namesevers without a subdomain.

    So example I have and which I want to use as my two nameservers to host is it possible to set & in that format with no subdomain ns1/ns2/ect just the tld as nameservers?

    I would think this is very possible simply due to the fact they will have unique IPís that control most of the work and the fact that these names are not used to host any information just used for the nameservers.

    Love to get your expert input on this, thanks!

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    This kind of confused me towards the end -- but I'll give it a try.

    If you are wanting your nameservers to be "" for NS1 and "" for NS2, I don't believe it's possible. At all of the registrars I have gone to, they make you put some sort of prefix (ns#,dns#,etc) before the domain name to be able to register it as a nameserver. And of course, each would have to have their own IP's.

    In short, I'm 90% sure that you HAVE to have some sort fo prefix on a nameserver.
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    I am not sure of the motiviations in doing this?

    Most registerars and maybe even the RFC's require a host specification. Technically the bit in front of the, is the host.

    The host does not have to be ns1 or ns2 but I am pretty sure it must exist. Even if you could leave off the host specification, I am not sure you would want to do so as standard practice is to use nameservers with a host.

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    Well the reason behind the fact we want to leave the names as is as they are actually:



    as the tld, they were registered with the intent to soley provide hosting with and to be used as nameservers.

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    I'm sure you can use and Just goahead and do it, it will work.

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