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    Sites on a server?

    I know this may be a broad question, but how many sites can you put on a server and still get good performance? I realize that there are different hardware, software, and connection configurations, but most people here probably use a datacenter that gives some sort of standard configuration for everyone. So, about how many sites can you get on there before it's time to buy a new one?

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    It's an insanely 'broad' question - and there is no set answer.

    How many elephants can you fit in a semi-truck?
    How many mice can you fit in a semi-truck?

    Some sites are tiny mice - some are massive elephants.
    Do the math - a few big elephants and all the little mice are dead.

    There is no standard in webhosting - just get great hardware and config it to the hiltz and get a good team behind it.
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    Hmmm. Well on one of our servers there is 1 site and on another there is over 100. The loads on both are fairly similar.

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    yeah, you added something I didn't think of, web space. I'm just trying to get an idea of how many sites could be on the same server that I'm on. Nothing specific, just a round number. Maybe size of hard drive divided by the particular plan you think most use?

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    There is no set number. It all depends on the host/servers/sites. Some sites are big, some are small. Some servers have huge capacity and some have small. Some host's like to keep a lowest amount of site on the server to provide maximum performance for their clients, and some like to oversell.

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    Originally posted by Vortex-Steve
    Hmmm. Well on one of our servers there is 1 site and on another there is over 100. The loads on both are fairly similar.

    Yeah, we have 1 famous rock band's site on one server...that's a full server. We have 1000 static HTML sites on another server...that server can probably hold about 2000 more.

    There is no "how many sites per server" matter how "rough" you make the estimate.

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    ok ok, question withdrawn

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