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    Reliable-Host; Whats the point of a host without reliability?

    Hallo all; Just started my hosting company and thought i would let you have first grabs .

    We offer many shared; reseller and Semi-Dedicated packages at competetive prices. Im not going to say we're the cheapest beacause; we're obviously not. What we provide is top class reliability and speed...
    Its all good paying $5 for 20gbs of space; but isnt that useless on a server that is constantly overloaded with a 30 second load time; Thats always down and may disappear tommorow?

    Reliable-Host is hosted on a super fast Dual Xeon 2.8ghz (HT) server with 2gb RAM- ( Effectivly four 2.8ghz CPU's) Our server is never slow; we do daily backups that are stored off site and our hardrives are RAID- Your data; on 2 hardrives for reliability. Not only that but we provide 24-7 support and our servers are checked every 30 seconds by our in house techs for speed.

    For more info please visit or PM me. You wont ever look back.

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