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    If you have XP a website you must have bookmarked!

    So today I woke up, turned my computer on and noticed how the startups weren't running. I then proceded to open up Norton Antivirus to see if I had a virus in my system. However, Norton wouldn't run, it was asking what program to associate an .exe with. I then tried several other programs, all resulting in the same problem.
    After feeling depressed for several hours and fearing I would have to reinstall Windows XP, I decided to just try a Google search. Surely enough, it came up with just what I wanted. Here is the site: . I hope this helps!

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    On a network of computers I wanted to (really badly) install firefox. I then changed .exes to open with paint, figuring, heck it's worth a try. Every time i loaded my account about 5 messages saying paint cannot open such and such file. I then got the IT admin to fix it, i even told her the problem, in such a way it seemed it was their fault and not mine...she ended up spending about 1/2 hour on it rather than taking my advise, as she thought
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    I have made a few mistakes like that e.g. making all exe files open with Visual basic but I managed to fix it. I feel so dumb.
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