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    Need Help with my Domains - PLEASE!

    These are all parked on SEDO.

    I've been in this game for merely two weeks. I bought about 25 domains so far. Some doing okay - some not doing so well. Can you please tell me what I should do with the following domains? I've had these domains up for only one day and getting really good hits but no clicks? For the adult domain's, it's almost impossible to use good keywords. They won't allow it. For my foreign domains - the languages dont work? What to do? I am getting about 300 views a day for these sites. But like 10 clicks!

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    That's a 3.3% click thru rate. Not bad at all for a SEDO page, but you are only getting about 25 visits/day per domain. I can't see you increasing traffic unless you develop the sites or get links to your parked sites that don't deliver what visitors expect.

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