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    Question Some good tutorial about DNS, where?

    now I have 2 web servers and I have problem with my DNSs, when my 1. web server down I have also 2. web server down something is not good in my DNS setup, this is not good, when one of my servers down other servers must work normal!

    Now I have 2 web servers and I have:
    1. server:

    2. server:

    - both of my servers use same domain for DNSs!

    This is problem now when I have only 2 web servers what will be when I buy more servers I must fix this now!

    Somebody know some pages where I can find good tutorial about this problem, about DNSs and DNS solutions or somebody can write here about that?

    On my servers I use cPanel!


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    You can try this:

    1. server: ---> Server 1 's IP ---> server 2 's IP

    2. server: ---> server 2 's IP ---> Server 1 's IP
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    The DNS for your main domain I think you need to put

    ns1, ns2, ns3, so that if one server is down the can still be propagated and the other server is ok. Correct me if I am wrong, it is more of guess work when I first tried.

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    ksstudio, I know for that but I think that is good solution for 2 servers but what if I have 5 servers or more...and if I want for all servers :

    somebody know solution for that?

    boonchuan, good idea, I`ll test it Thanks.

    Somebody here use cPanel Dns Clustering??? What you think about that?

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    boonchuan, if I add ns3 and ns4 for main domain but that don`t look good when I test it on
    DNS server[IP] is alive, but not authoritative for domain '' and didn't return SOA

    After that error I add dns entry for this domain on server 2 but after that I have some error about ZONE VERSION on server 1 and server 2!
    What now?


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