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    Obtaining Domain Ownership


    Whats the point in holding (buying) a domain name for very long when its not being used and trying to sell it for far more money ? I understand this is something list first-come-first serve basis and whoever gets it owns and has the right to sell it for how much ever he wants to.

    I thought some resolution was passed where it states that if a domain name belongs to someone and is not being used and has no relation to the owner whats-o-ever and another person who has valid similarity to the owner's name / Co etc has the right to obtain that domain name from the owner for just the domain price and not the owner's price ?

    Im pretty sure I heard this on some tv news or read it somewhere - some UN resolution or something ?

    Is this true and can this be done ?


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    domains are like Real Estate you buy a land and wait for the price togo up to sell it.

    regarding taking the domain from the previous owner i think you mean UDRP, its only possible with the owner has trade mark and filling some specific rules to take the domain from the previous owner.
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    As Bashar stated, you basically can't impose upon someone elses recognized trademark.

    In other words, say I was able to acquire the domain name Pepsi would be able to file a UDRP and the arbitrator would most likely (nothing in life is 100% ) give the domain name to Pepsi.

    But other names, like Bashar's collection of two-number and two-letter domain names will most certainly increase in value as time goes on. It is a mathematical equation that there are a limited number of such domain names available.

    Other domain names are worth what someone is willing to pay for it usually based on what they can use it for. For example, in an auction on SnapNames, it was my opinion that the domain name, was worth about $500 to $900 to me. But someone else had a different belief and ended up paying $8,800 for it.
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