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    Called by "First Place" or "First Choice" today?

    Have any webmasters received an unsolicited call from someone representing "First Place?" They apparently make a Web promotion product. Any information at all would be helpful.

    Today I received an unsolicited call from them. The agent asked if I owned and then told me he had a product that would help my site to make a lot of money. He asked me to open up a Web browser. Unfortunately, I didn't give him a chance to give me a URL.

    I told him to put me on his do not call list. He refused. I asked for his name. He refused. I told him he was violating at least US law, and he needed to respond. He simply repeated, "don't you want to make money with your site?"

    The call came in "Unknown ID" so all I have is the moment he called, his company name, and the very curious fact that he was able to associate my private cell phone number with my public web site (the domain name and the number are not publicly listed together, so I think GoDaddy or Verisign sold my private account info).

    If anyone got a similar call today, please reply to this post or PM me. Thanks.

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    I found their url and their numbers and such. I'll PM you the website... Illegal solicitation, shady product they offer btw.
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