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    Would you suspend this account?

    I had this customer email me today asking to be upgraded because his account is about to be over his bw limit. Not a problem... until I look at his site.

    First I should say that we don't normally allow "free image galleries"...

    So I look at this site and it is not only a free image gallery, it's a free image 'host'. Using some sort of script. The site is not in english, but I did notice a few images that were not allowed to say the least.

    This guy has about 4 gigs left, that I am sure he will use up by tomorrow. Would you suspend him now or let him use the rest of the bw and ask him to either find a new host or follow the rules?

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    Well if there are images not allowed and they are stated in your TOS or AUP then I would suspend him now. You tell him to play nicely like the rest of the children or pack he's bags and leave.

    On the other hand, you do not know if he will use all those 4 GB's. He might or he might not.

    If being a host of an image gallery is against your TOS or he is using to much "resources" then you have the right to suspend him.

    Personally, I would warn him and then suspend him.
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    Its simple. What does your TOS say about it?

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    If that is not allowed in your TOS, give your client a warning and suspend his account if no action is take by your client.
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    Yeah depends on your TOS.
    Personally i think i would suggest terminating the account as its not constructive at all and i would want to stay away from hosting such things.
    I trust youll make the right decesion.
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    Maybe not worth suspending his account for it. He may have overlooked that rule. Warn him to take all images and scripts down, re-read the TOS, confirm he undertstands the entire TOS, and then upgrade his account.
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    If he has illegal things on your server ... I wouldn't be asking WHT ... I would be calling him and asking WTF

    You shouldn't wait for opinions ... if it is illegal, then call him and get it off or shut him off

    If it is NOT illegal ... then disregard my comments ... lol

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    Ask him/her to remove the stuff you dont want on ur servers and if he doesnt then you can suspend the site. Give him the opportunity to administrate his site properly first.

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    My suggestions are:

    If he is doing anything illegal by law - suspend him. Keep a copy of his data for 90 days in case law enforcement knocks on your door...

    If he is "just" doing anything illegal by ToS - warn, and suspend after 24 hours if not corrected.
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    Simply follow your TOS and if you do not allow such scripting and all then give him 12 - 24 hour time and have him remove that and if he do not remove those script then suspend his account.

    A warning would be a good idea cause afterall he is your client.
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    i would give him a warning then after about a few hours if he dose not take it off then suspend him and if he come to you saying why did you suspend my account and......... tell him you gave him a warning then if he say's i want to be hosted agian you should tell him to pay a extra charge and then tell him the rules then host him agian.

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    Hmm, I wouldn't neccesarily delete his account for image hosting. If the content is objectionable I would definitely tell him to get rid that. One thing, whatever you do I don't think its a godo idea to give him the bandwidth for free.

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