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    Automatic Jpg / Giff Processing

    Hi there, I have been asked to do some work for a mate of mine who owns a tattoo studio..

    What he has asked for is a website that I will design and code myself,

    What I wanted to know if there was any way of getting a HTML webpage to automatically process all the images in a given directory and display them as thumbnails on a page?

    If there is a snipet of code that I can chuck in a page, could someone let me know??

    Best regards

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    Dreamweaver has a photoalbum feature built in. IIRC it creates thumbnails and intermediate images. It also creates a table for the gallery.

    Or, are you looking for image processing, server side? You will need to use jpegtran I believe to get this done, and I am not sure that plain HTML will suffice. You can use some php though.
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    Thanks for the reply,

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    You'd need php enabled with GD(or using Imagemagick) to do this--unless you're just going to upload some images, one time kinda thing, then Photoshop or Dreamweaver have scripts to do that. (Gallery) might be useful.
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    Great program.
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