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    * Site5 alternative Advice Please

    Hi.. I am looking for a reliable host like site5. I deal a reseller account [4gb/60gb] with them and find everything ok expect support from billing dept.

    Right now, I fail to re-new my account because site5 seems fail to charge my valid credit card (still under processing). Their billing team will not that caring to update me about this issue, though my sites are stop for several days !!

    I still wish to enjoy their services.. but if they finally fail to charge my credit card, I have to switch another host.

    So, it will be appreciated if you suggest a reliable host like site5.


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    Ooo.. my goodness !! All of my sites are now back online! May be some times ago.

    Thanks site5. I again run with my favourite host.

    Thank you all.

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    Its good to hear they sorted the situation out, Just be patient they will have alot of tickets they have to reply to so they sometimes have delays etc, Good luck with them for the future.

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    Good to hear things got straightened out, however always make sure to have a backup of your site, if something were to happen it is always good to be prepared.
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    I have been monitoring what people experienced with Site5, hostingzoom and bliksem here in WHT. Haven't decided who's the best yet, but Looks like Site5 just did another score.

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    Yes these are the tree musketeers. It's a hard decision. I taked HostingZoom second company, ResellerZoom because of the price.

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    true.. these are nice, but why the delay with all these credit cards? i wonder what all those clients said to the reseller for days.

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    i don't know how long the delay that lloyds7 experienced, but if it's not too long then I would give site5 a second chance and besides it seems that site5 resolved it quickly.
    look at the timestamp, lloyds7 posted the first message here at 12:35 PM and then about 20 minutes later s/he posted that the site is back up and runnnig.
    a glitch could happen anytime with any company, but not many would resolve it quickly.

    one thing though, looks like site5 didn't give a notification to lloyds7 before suspending his/her account (???)

    i read from another thread host like hostingzoom would not suspend your account right away without notifications. especially if you have been their customer and just re-newing.

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    were you notified before you were suspended? if not, wow. if so, how, and what was the timeframe?
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    Just to clear a few things up:

    Clients are sent invoices typically 1-2 days before the charge occurs. Then, if their credit card fails/whatever other reason, we send out notifications every 24 hours letting them know that the transaction didn't go through. A client would have 30 days before their account is suspended.

    Please contact us directly if you have any additional questions, thanks again. - A worldwide leader in Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

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    Nice to see this sorted out so quickly

    Good luck!

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