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    Arrow Looking for good SEO('s)!!

    I need to get my site up and running soon. The site is a host review site and I need my page to show up first if possible on searches such as "host reviews" etc...

    If you are up to the job (It isn't that easy from what I understand) please reply!

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    Hello Sam,

    I am interested in this request. My services include the following for each keyword selected:

    - Web site search engine optimization comparative to your top 10 competitors at a search engine of your choice.
    - Analysis and optimization of document titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, body text, first sentence of the body text, link popularity, url, h1 headline texts, h2 headline texts, same site link texts, outbound link texts, inbound links, same site link urls, outbound link urls, img alt attributes, html comment tags.
    - A report including advice on how you can improve your website to be better indexed with search engines, and other advice.
    - Search Engine resubmission
    - A list of sites of which you should pursue getting linked from, in order to improve your link popularity and search engine ranking.

    I will also include a ranking report for usage up to one year after your optimization is complete.

    My standard rate is $18.00/keyword, but as you are just starting up, I'd like to offer you my services for $10.00/keyword. I can likely complete the services within one week of receipt of your list of keywords.

    I cannot guarantee rankings, as search engines are not as predictable as they have been in the past. Any SEO who guarantees you a top ranking is likely to list you under obscure terms, or use questionable techniques which are likely to get you banned from search engines.

    If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me at [email protected]
    Cody Watson
    Business Student @ SFU [Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Management & Technology, Co-op Certificate, Honours]

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    UK, Leicester

    I will lead an exposure campaign for you in exchange for my web hosting site being on your front page always.

    I will work with keyword targeting
    Meta keyword and description optimization
    Search Engine submission
    Link exposure onto related websites
    & much much more

    $100 flat charge including being listed on your front page at all times.

    T. Esmail

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