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    adsense / delaware LLC


    I run an LLC in Delaware, I'm european so it's kind of a foreign company in US. I manage websites all over the world but US.

    When I subscribe to adsense, what kind of tax form, I must fill ???

    I read everything and the opposit

    thanks a lot for your help, anything with legal text would be great...
    / SM

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    You choose American

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    so it's the W9 form, right ? thanks a lot for your help
    / SM

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    Yes W9 form.

    Alternatively you can use your own personal name and european address but even then if the servers are hosted in the US you have to file for W8, only if

    1) the servers are in europe
    2) you are living in europe

    You don't have to file any form.

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    great, I'm in europe and the servers too, so it is super simple. nothing to do. thx you very much
    / SM

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    Hi I have the same question.
    I have a Delaware LLC, EIN but I do not have US business bank account for my LLC. My servers are in US (servermatrix & ev1). Which tax form should I use? W9? Can I use my home address (outside US) to fill W9? Can I cash the check in my local country? Do I need to report tax to IRS? Do I need to pay tax to IRS?

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    W9 google is very clear on that.

    1) U.S. person/U.S. partnership/U.S. corporation/U.S. resident alien = W-9

    2) U.S. Activities
    A) Income from U.S. = W-8 ECI
    B) Income from Other countries = W-8 BEN
    C) Aliens = Form 8233
    D) Tax Exempt = W-8 EXP
    E) foreign partnerships W-8 IMY

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    it's not that clear because LLC with single owner is a pass-thru and taxed as a soleproprietor, so for an non resident from a country w/ treaty, it should not be taxed...

    but this amazing status is never clearly explained
    / SM

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    If you don't do business in US with US customers and your servers arn't in US that's the only scneario you haven't to file no form. Every other scneario, you have to file a form.

    It doesn't mean you will be Taxed, but you have to file the form.

    Even for LLC companies with sole-prop and they file to file a form, it doesn't mean you will get taxed.

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    Yes, but google w/ adsense program seems to do not classify this as income from US as soon as your server are outside US
    / SM

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    If you are a US Entity with income you are always taxes, no matter where the servers are located (At least that's my understanding).

    Regarding everyone else, there are a lot of scnearios

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    Dou have any feedback about adsense, delaware and taxe ?

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