With the following items they are not coded, but you do get to have the full rights (you may re-sale them or anything you wish) you can buy them in singles or all of them for a small fee but its a deal!

Design 1 - $15
Design 2 - $25
Design 3 - $15
Design 4 - $15
Design 5 - $15
Design 6 - $25
Design 7 - $20

OR you may recieve all 7 of the designs for a small fee of $70!

if you would like to buy such items (remember they are in psd and you get FULL RIGHTS i will not sell these EVER AGAIN! DELETED from my hard drive for good aswell my site) please reply below, Private message me, or email me at josh[at]notaverage[dot]net

Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from one of you.

Best Wishes,
Joshua A. Rhoads