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    SpamAssassin process on FreeBSD

    We have a FreeBSD server running CPanel that has recently begun showing a high load average. When I run top on the server it shows that a perl5.8.4 process is using most of the CPU. I believe this process is a SpamAssassin process. I checked the PID of that process in /proc and it seems to show a spamd process. I am running cPanel 10.2.0-S83 and SpamAssassin is version 3.0.3. FreeBSD is version 4.9. I first noticed the problem when the server was running CPanel Release, I changed to stable to see if that would resolve anything, it hasn't. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know how to resolve it? Are there any known issues with FreeBSD and this version of SpamAssassin?


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    one of my boxes runs Fbsd 4.11-Stable but cPanel 10.2.0-R82 and perl 5.6.2 i have no issues

    but another 5.3 box i see freebsd 5.8.6 using some load from time to time during upcp etc.. it seems its new perl using huge memory
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    Make sure you're running the latest version of SpamAssassin. There have been several times when a particular malformed Spam has caused CPU or memory load problems in SA or other Spam filtering tools.


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