This rare wildflower landscape portfolio represents a 19-year historical documentation of a surreal phenomenon in the Californian deserts known as "carpet blooms". Most of these landscape vistas have only appeared once in 19 years of photographing them. Many seasons the flowers appear in different locations. Even after winters of copious rain there may be none at all. The same density or type of wildflowers may never bloom for 25 to 100 years. These "feral" flowers such as poppies, owl's clover, lupines, coreopsis, gilia, goldfields, sunflowers, primrose, verbena and more choreograph their selves into a once in a lifetime display.

Incredible poppy landscapes or vistas of mountains and valleys painted with wildflowers appear like a mirage on the desert lasting for several weeks or as little as a few days. Because of man's influence on climate and land development, these truly are scenes that may never be seen again.

A large scale fusion of conceptual and earth art is created when rare forms and colors of nature are positioned and documented with the camera's lens. Photographed using 35 mm and large format panoramic cameras.