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    Sending mail to AOL

    Lo peeps

    Im fairly new to the dedicated server world and am now happily running my hosting business from my own dedi box

    The problem that Im sure many of you have encountered is getting mail through to aol

    Now it seems most emails do get through but they seem to take ages, or some I don't believe get there

    Now I know one of the things they require is a reverse lookup, but thats something Im not too sure about.

    Could anyone give me a point how I can set up a reverse lookup for my smtp IP address so I can check I have done it correctly

    And are there any other things I should put in place to aid with aol email distribution ?!?!

    Thanks in advanced

    P.S my SMTP uses (only used for mail) which will equate to once set up correctly

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    A good place to start is probably.....

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    Before I get flamed I tried searching and because AOL is so highly mentioned there were tooo many results to page through

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    If you receive any bounces - it will actually state the specific location on what you need to fix to ensure that it arrives.

    You'll need to setup a reverse lookup via your dedicated server provider.
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    Attached is a pic of my current reverse lookup settings, what is wrong with that ?!?! dns.gif

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    Usually you cannot set up reverse lookup yourself, unless you have a prior arrangement with your service provider.

    The quickest way is to tell your service provider to set the reverse pointers for you. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    Ok thanks guys have fired them off an email

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