The kind of people we are looking for are those will some free time wanting some extra cash. This is not a permanent or full time job, more like a way of getting some extra spending money.

What you will do ::
- promote our site and send us customers, then if they sign up you'll get commission.
- You can promote using forums, websites, mouth to mouth - however you like.
- Mostly promoting reseller plans.

What you're not expected to do ::
- you won't have to handle any tech support.
- If you think answering sales questions will help then you can, or you can send them to us.

It would be nice if you had experience in WHM and cPanel just so you knew what you were selling to these people. Any age and location is fine, but I do want friendly people who won't spam or bombard any forums with hundreds of posts (all though a few is fine), as I don't want a reputation for this sort of thing.

There is no contract, payment on commission only. I may change terms in future. Also, people who do a good job I may give a more permanent job with a wage rather than commission. This is how it works:

- You sign someone up and I will give you 40% of the price for the first month
- then 15% for each month until they cancel.

So, potentially could be very easy earnings after you've got the first few customers. Also, if a customer you referred opens a new plan, I'll give you 50% of one month of that plan. If they sign up yearly, itll all be worked out so you get the right amount each month. Payments will be made after 20 days since this is our money-back guarantee period. Payments via PayPal.

So, I haven't told you much about us but if you're interested in some extra cash email [email protected] and I'll tell you all you need to know. Can also give you an email address if you need it.