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    Chat site- are they still a good idea

    I'm thinking of starting a chat site, and i was wondering if they are still popular?

    they used to be very popular a few years back, but now i feel that not many people use them? is that just me? because i don't bother with them.

    also what kind of traffic flow would be needed to make the site look active (as in 8-20 people online at a time to start with)

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    to be honest, i've never used a "chat site" before..... aim, mirc, msn, jabber~

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    I use to really like them becuase I could find people of similar interest in web solutions. However, the problem with them is they all charge for membership. If you create one, good luck with getting people to sign up and two, keep it limited to advertising and not membership subscriptions. You might consider purchasing a directory from a larger chat site as well to get started.
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