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    Reseller hosting in UK


    I'm looking for a good reseller hosting in UK or US. Well the price must not be to expensive but it's important that the downtime is not to high and a good bandwith monthly because i will very much traffic 50GB a month.

    I've looked the web but i don't know the good ones if you browse google you find pages and pages

    Can someone in here maybe tell me some good ones?


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    How many sites are you going to be hosting?

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    15-25 websites.

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    What is your overall price range?

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    There are some directories out there also. Maybe do a search on them with reviews.

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    My price i want to pay is like 50$-100$ a month max.

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    For that many websites, have you thought about getting a VPS or a Dedicated?

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    25 sites with 50GB transfer / month: dont need to go with a dedicated server. However, as host cant give you quote here, you should have a search to get a list, then try to contact them. Or at least leave your email so someone can contact you directly with offers

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    Try - They have some excellent reseller plans, they are low cost, use UK servers, are ultra reliable and are one of the most reputable hosting companies in the world imo. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    4,243 is a decent UK directory which will give you some good people to pick from.

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    Thanks for the info guys

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    You could also try who have a good reputation, from running
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