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    Named catchall

    Over time many of our resellers accounts have dropped away, or closed down business for whatever reason.

    I discovered when doing a survey of our DNS servers, that many unused domains are pointed to our DNS servers, even though we do not host a DNS zone for them.

    We plan to make a simple "parking page", google adwords, Google search or maybe something else...

    Our DNS servers to not forward queries. I would like to setup these DNS servers to resolve any unknown request to a specific IP address.

    I've been pouring through documentation, and have not found a solution yet.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I believe what you're looking for is called wildcard dns. IF I remeber correctly, it's something like: *.<domain name>.<tld>. You MAY need to do it on a domain by domain basis though as I recall. My memory is a little hazy so you'll want to read up more on the named docs.
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    Actually what I'm looking for would be more like *.*.<tld> or *.*.*

    And while There are some thigns that start to come close in the docs, the docs never seem to really touch on this.

    If you remember what verisign did about a year ago, with unregistered domains, this is basicly what I'd like to do with unused domains that have just been abandoned pointing to our DNS servers.

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