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    my nu software has cookie free session management :-)

    Hi all,

    The Site

    I have been hacking for months now, till i could get to this stage, the beta stage.
    My software WADS weebo application delivery system (18k), is just that, can create websites easlily with static or programmed content.

    DNS based session management allows the software to delivery full blown apps such as phpmyadmin etc. on group permission basis.

    I Would love you to put the system through its paces. + provide feedback. I wrote a mini forum to demonstrate the flexibility.

    All feedback welcome.

    Kind Regards
    Eamonn Smyth
    founder the nu. free market :-)
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    * Check out my gimped logo

    Do people like it

    Is it hot or not ?

    wads Weebo Application Delivery System.

    Respect :-)

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