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    Newbie hosting but with SQL and .Net?


    Apologies for going over the age old question of "which hosting company is good for me" - I've had a good trawl through these forums and looked online for ages but can't seem to find what I want.

    The problem I have is that I need two "different" types of hosting. I have just bought my own domain and want to host my own personal sie which I'm going to make myself with protty much no programming skills, so someone like 1and1 or Site5 with their nice easy to use site building tools and add ons is perfect. However I also need to provide hosting for a business project that I run where I need to have .Net and SQL 2000 running and where the hosting isn't severely restricted.

    The only place I can seem to find where I can have the best of both of the above is 1and1's "MS Developer" hosting which incorporates all of their site building but also SQL (rather than MySQL) and .Net. I've had a look at Site5 and a few others that have been recommended on this board, but none of them seem to offer SQL, only MySQL.

    Unfortunately 1and1 seem to have a bit of a bad name and I don't want to pay for 6 months or a years hosting with them and find out that they don't actually provide what I want or are too restrictive for running the business project I have.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative where I can build my own personal site using a few tools and with some addons yet allow me to igve access to a "proper" developer to create my business site?

    I particularly like 1and1's In2Site program where when a user goes to your website you receive a notification on your desktop and can watch the user wander round and also chat to them. Is this an easy enough program to add on to hosting from a different company if I don't go with 1and1?

    Thanks for any help - sorry to dredge up the same question yet again!



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    Go with - MS SQL + ASP. Good prices too.


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    Take a look at

    I use them for all my business web sites. After 1 1/2 years of great service and support. It would be perfect for a business web site.
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