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    Rate My Site

    i have a website here and i need your imput.

    please tell me what needs adding or going


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    Very easy to browse site, which is good! I like how everything is in order and nothing is hard to see. Only one complain from me is links like, the content box is so close to the navigation. If it can be moved like even 0.2cm it would be great to me at least... Also the bottom counter can be blended in with the site a bit. Overall 8.5/10!

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    Pretty, simple, great!

    That's all I have to say Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    Nice, I like it.
    You could make this image:
    a bit more high tech or 3d because it looks a bit plain.
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    thanks people! i will get cracking on this!

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    Nice! Like Bakie said I'd make that a bit more techy, or even the header above that. I like the simplicity though.

    BTW, I was the 900th visitor to your website

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    I like your site..just as you have it. Not sure if you've made changes since your original post, but I find your site to be clean, refreshing and original.

    Well done!

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    we are going through some major changes ATM, and i will work on doing the changes listed above ASAP!

    Thanks people!

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