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    HI ! looking for a a good reseller hosting plans (windows)

    HI everybody,

    i am new to the forums and would like some help from all you. i am looking for some good reseller plans for windows platform. I need a plan where i can also use/configure MS SQL seanlessly while configuring Domain space for my clients.

    Can you please guide me which are the hosting providers who have a good rating and a good support system. Price woudl be a factor also as i do not want really expensive plans.

    Thank you all

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    Hello there and welcome!

    I have found to be fantastic. Great support and they use the helm control panel which is also really great. You can start with a mini reseller plan which starts at a really low price and then you expand your resources really easily. Take a look at their site.

    Matt Midgley
    Matt Midgley

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    319 - best .net provider with ms sql.

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    I think the following hosts offer window solutions.

    However I am not 100% on that though.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Somebody pointed me to i tried searching the forums but i was not abl eto find any review of the same.

    can anybody tell me how are the servcies of this company and how reliable is it ?

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    Originally posted by pixelwonderz
    Somebody pointed me to
    My bad.. its

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