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    Dell Powerconnect 3000 switches

    Are they any good vs. Cisco 2924 XLen?
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    Dell Powerconnect 3000 switches:
    .Wire-speed performance across all ports to expedite delivery of mission critical data.
    .Great for implementing high-performance and scalable workgroup connectivity for growing networks.

    Cisco 2924 XLen
    Catalyst 2900 Series XL Software Release 11.2(8) SA3 is new software that supports port-based Virtual LANs (VLANs) in all Catalyst 2900 Series XL desktop switches. With this new software Catalyst 2900 XL switches support up to 64 separate intraswitch VLANs(non-ISL-trunks). This capability allows data packets to be forwarded only to those stations within a specific VLAN, creating a virtual firewall between VLANs.
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    I'm not sure about competing with the Catalyst 2924, but we run quite a few of the Dell 3348 switches and they seem to perform very well

    Lots of nice features, good throughput and are pretty good value for money
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