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    looking for dedicated server in australia

    looking for a great deal in sydney, act, melb

    details were a community trying to get off the ground.

    so we need a loyal provider that can help us with negotiable prices.

    dedicated server looking for duel zeons.
    with 2 to 4gig of ram.

    but will go with 3.8ghz 64 bit amd.
    need 2gigz of ram.

    plz don't flame me im only new willing to start out and will be loyal to you.

    if you are willing to help me in my request plz email me or post.

    [email protected]

    thanks ryan for #egc

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    i would cut your losses and go with a US host, its going to be 1/50th of the cost, and the only tradoff will be slightly higher latencies from your .au browsers (~100-200msec) which is fine for http/forums/whatever.

    if your site isnt going to use very much bandwidth (<100gb p/m) then you could find a decent .au dedicated server - but for the same money you could get 4000gb xfer on a US dedicated

    If you wanted to run games servers for .au players then you would need to look for a .au host to keep latency down

    hosting in .au will be very expensive, expecially for a dedicated, and you wont get very much data xfer!
    the us-au exchange rate is good at the moment, you could get a decent us dedicated for ~ 100-200 AU$pm with ample transfer.
    do you really need that much webhosting power? a 3.8ghz amd? they dont even make them!
    anyway gl.
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    thanks mate
    but i want my community in australia

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    a quick google found a whole bunch of .au hosts offering dedicated servers, shop around and it should be possible to get an alright deal!
    (im an aussie myself)

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    yeah i know what you are say but if you look close

    they end up just mucking me around

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    my isp is contact them maybe, they are relaible, but aus is not cheap.

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    If you need to know if they are reliable visit

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    hmmm that your isp

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    With the best network in australia, and a data centre that has generators ect.
    They are the only one of about 3 isps to have there own international link.

    Thay also have the best game servers in australia, just check the forums.
    If you have the money it would be worth calling them, i would anyway.

    Or you can try and hope you find a relaible webhost only.

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    Here is the game network link if you want to look, its like your site. Check the forum above also (bc) they are 2nd out of all isps, used to be first.
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    thank's for rail roading my requested

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