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    Not having a phone

    So I am starting a business and on my website I am not including a since I dont think I would be able to handle all the calls..

    do you think that would get a lot of customers away?

    Should I include a phone and say something like:

    *For Business Development/Vendor/Marketing Only

    NOTE: Support/Billing/Presales inquiries should be emailed


    Do you think I would get a lot of calls anyways since people would have a temptation to call to ask about my products?

    I can simply order a VOIP line with Vonage but the main issue is the time.

    I think it sounds much more unprofessional to have a phone and when someone calls you get a anwsering machine than to do not have a phone

    please give me some help

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    Alot of companies dont have a phone number, it shouldnt be too much of a problem, Some may be put off though youll never know until youve tried it, Good luck

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    I understand where you are coming from Joephill. In addition to running my web hosting company, I also run a web development company where I speak to people a lot regarding design & development, but also tech issues for web hosting. A lot of these development calls are local, but my hosting can be from all over the place.

    Maybe consider development calls goto your phone, and all your tech calls get directed to an outsourced web support company. Or, like Naz.A said, a lot of people just stick with the email solutions for tech issues.

    BTW, I've seen VOIP in action and I absolutely love it! Can be very useful when you forget 'that' phone number or want to keep a record of your phone calls.

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