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    How to create FTP account ?

    My server don't have control panel. Do you know how can I create FTP account so that I can upload my web to this host ?

    I'm using ProFTP, apache, RedHat9, but I don't know how to create an FTP account, because my server didn't have Control please help me !

    Thank you so much !

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    You should create a real account on the server.
    $ man useradd

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    If have troubles using the command line, try installing Webmin.
    That's a free control panel that would make it easier to add users and manage your server.

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    To create a new FTP account, follow these simple steps:

    1. User ID: This is where the account’s username is given, for example user2, xyz or anything you wish.

    2. Password: This is where the account’s password is created, allowing the user to access his FTP account. Same rules for the password apply (Alpha-numeric, at least six characters and at least one special character).

    3. Retype Password: Simply retype the password entered in step(2).

    4. Disk Quota: In order to restrict a user to a certain amount of disk storage, the disk quota system is used. Simply fill this field with the amount of quota (in MBs) you want allocated for use in this account, depending on how much free space you have at your disposal.

    5. Click Update when done entering the required information.
    This creates the FTP account immediately for instant access.

    check the link for clarifications:
    Bright Info Solutions

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