Hi Guys

I currently rent a dedicated server from DedicatedNow.com - The original intention of having this has now changed and I'm now focusing all of my time and energy into a couple of personal projects. Therefore I have an extreme amount of space available.

The server specifications are as follows;

Intel P4 3.2GHz 800FSB
1GB PC3200 RAM
120GB SATA Drive
5 IP Addresses
CentOS - Linux Enterprise, FreeBSD
1200GB Bandwidth

Now currently, I host 5 accounts on this server, with the intention of hosting maybe 3-4 more. At present the total bandwidth used for this month is 1.42 Gig and spaced used is probably about 1GB.

That leaves a whopping amount of space available. I'm looking for someone reliable and trustworthy to share this server with, mainly the cost. In return you'll pretty much have free reign over most of the server; space and bandwidth. (Only sites I'm hosting at present is my personal projects and friends websites).

If you're interested, please PM me.
PM's ONLY please.

Chris Gwynne