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    PHPBB Mod/Template Installs

    I can install phpbb mods/templates for you.

    I charge:
    $1 for each easy level mods, forum installs, and template installs
    $3 for each medium level mod installs
    $5 for each hard level mod installs

    You can find hacks at:
    phpbbhacks place to find Role Playing Games and Pet Systems.)

    If you want me to install something for you please make sure you have phpmyadmin and mysql and make a backup of your forum.

    I can start right away and I accept paypal.
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    $10 for any mod that requires 45 minutes or more.

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    I will hire you to help with mod installs if you can do something else for me.. I have a need to merge three small phpbb's into one new fresh one..

    NO special mods installed on any of them, should be very easy for someone who knows what they're doing w/ mysql tables etc.

    Can you take on this job? can anyone? aim: neehowmaa or email koporto @ gmail.
    Ken O. TKO

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