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    Question I really need your help here... please

    I was just wondering something.
    I really enjoy working on website and I was just wondering.. Do you really have to have a good meaning for a website?

    My website ( check in my profile it doesn't let me post the website (www)) nothing special, it's just an 'About Me' website and as you can see on the News/ Home page you would see that its had some time.

    So I was wondering, should I look for a new subject to make a website about or is it okay if I continue this one and keep the new idea in mind? I dont know... this is like fixing a broken machine... seem to be going good but yet useless. YOu think this is just a waste of time? or...

    I need input, comment, RANT, whatever, anything would help.
    I really need your help here.

    Thank You.
    Ogi. S

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    If you enjoy creating websites, there is nothing wrong with it.
    If you continue creating websites, your skills will grow very fast, and you may even be able to get a job doing it.
    You could also start a website that provides something, so that it will attract visitors and possibly make you some money that way.

    But many people just create websites because it's fun! Just like some people play sports, read books, or listen to music.
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    I remember when I was first dabbling with making a site, I just started with an "about me" and as I got more confident I gradually started adding more pages until it was about 400 pages of .htm files. Every day I got a new idea for a page to add. There is no rush, Rome wasn't built in a day so they say Good luck and happy experimenting.

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    You're free to build pages as you desire to express yourself and enjoy the experience of web design. Frankly, I love using the web to share pictures of my kids with family and friends. I don't expect to take it any further than that for that website but it serves its purpose. In fact, I just gave space to my sister on my reseller account so she can start building web pages. It's just a fun thing to do and who cares whether the world will ever read your page if your intent is just to enjoy web design and express yourself.
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    Thanks people. I like this site, people actually reply to your posts within a day or two... other website you have to wait weeks for the reply... Thank you again.

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    A day? Don't you mean 5 minutes?

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    Yeah I agree with everyone too.

    I just started a website for my family reunion. Unlimited emails for everyone and I can show off my skills and learn more.

    I also started one about the town I live in and now I started another one for my husband's granite countertop business.

    It's great. I love web design and html, css and everything else. I probably learn something everyday. It's my hobby.

    Have fun!


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    Though 'do whatever you like' isn't the best rule for every day of your life always remember that life isn't only reason and logic, it's emotions and feelings as well. So, if you enjoy it, then do it if you don't want to feel sorry for having not. If you've got new ideas for new sites, don't let this ideas die.

    What I really mean is that you may imagine yourself a 100 year old person looking back at your life and try to decide would you feel sorry for having or having not done something. That's what I usually do when I have to take a serious decision.

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    Nothing is ever a waste of time if you enjoy it, plus having an interest in designing websites will serve you well in the long run, as you will get better and better and one day you may even be able to make a living out of it as there are loads of jobs for web designers.

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    That's the joy of being a webmaster You'll always have new ideas everyday, making more pages, fixing things.

    One of the things I enjoy the most is the pain of seeing my site grows It may sound contradicting but that's how I feel

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    I've been toying with the idea of making my own site for a few weeks now -- got all excited about it though I am not sure what theme or subject I want. I think I'll just follow your example and set up something about me, stuff I like, do, etc.


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