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    Post review

    Hello everyone,
    i need a review for my new design, i designed it myself, and would like to know what everyone thinks of it.

    here is the link
    let me know what you think.

    and also here is a forum i am helping a friend set up, i have made the logo and some avatars and things, i would just like to know how you feel about it on your first impression.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I like the layout and colors. Need to fix your visited link for "forum" and "Start a ticket" on home page. They are larger after being clicked on. The hosting.html page is a little hard to read. I would bump the table cell padding up to about 5 or 10. As for the support page, sure looks very similar to another host on this forum.

    Other wise, good luck

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    i will fix those active links, and the hosting page, thanks.
    and that is not a table on the hosting page, it is css, and if you could tell me what host that is similar to i will have a look and change it.


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    alright, now i remember, my first reseller was with them so i used that, then later i forgot about it. thanks for telling me, i will change that asap.


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