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    Poker at Home...

    Something that I have always enjoyed - even before it became famous. Heck, I even grew up knowing how to play poker and blackjack before I could play Old Maid!

    Apparently there is a law on the books in Los Angeles that prohibits anyone that hosts a "poker party" from taking money. The host took a few bucks to buy beer and pizza. Apparently in Los Angeles - you cannot do this - it is then called a gambling ring (or something like that). I only caught it briefly on the local news.

    So if y'all do play poker - be wary about this. Don't post it - I guess this is what this guy did & some neighbors reported it. Neighbors!

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    Well, I dont think its in NJ if it is, no one I know will report it...I hope
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    I really dont know how to paly that game. ___Interactive Design
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