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    What to do with one of my domains ?

    It might not be the right place to post this, but since I only want Your opinions, I hope it's OK.
    If not, mods might move it.

    I have a domain (english) witch I think could be used for a hostingcompany, or web hosting directory.
    The domain has a PR of 4. But I do not need another hosting domain.

    Would You recomend to develop it into a web hosting directory, or just try to sell it ?

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    if ir has a PR4, jsut redirect to your hosting service and maybe get more biz?

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    Hey Bokevoll,

    Met a great Norwegian Marine last year by the name of Sven. Really impressed with your educational system - he was a really smart guy.

    Hosting directory or using the domain in some way probably will be more profitable, in the long run, than selling it.
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