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    PSPAccess (Well Known PSP Site)

    Well, due to the time that is taking up and finals are coming up soon I won't be able to work on PSPAccess much and I don't want to see it just die with a month of no updates so I'll be selling it.

    What you'll get
    Games database of over 60 games
    Around 400 screenshots
    11 videos (need to be hosted elsewhere not on FilePub)
    Over 130 pieces of content (Including news)
    Forum database of over 1100 posts and 70 members
    Current design
    Exclusive, coded forum design

    225 uniques a day average (Stats as of 12 PM 5/23/05)

    About $15 a month from Adsense. I've earned $25 through Lik-Sang in less than a month. I tried selling ads once but never pursued it to much. You can easily get about $60 from banner ads if you sell.

    Get a free month of advertising on when we begin putting ads up

    Starting Price
    I'm looking for around $500 for this site, so let's start it at $450 with increments of at least $10.

    I reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time.

    Auction ending date: 6/1/05

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    I am now accepting any and all offers over $300. I will sell when I see a reasonable price!

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