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    Horrible Staff/Support - FusedNetwork.Com

    Do NOT get an VDS, Dedicated, or anything else they offer there, I have been with them for a while now and whenever you need support for absolutely anything at all, they will quietly act like they don't know your there!

    I paid for a yearly since I would get 15% off saving me a bunch of money, but shortly after I had several DDoS attacks and all they told me was that it was my fault and that I might of had a client of myself running a apache killer.. Which they said they would not help with, so after about a week or two of pestering them, they finally admitted it was a DDoS and stopped it. They sent me through hell for a week or two for nothing when they could of just enabled floodguard for my server and saved it. I lost several clients due to this downtime. What kind of support is that? They were also mad at me for calling them for support and I had the company owner bitching at me for doing that. To me it looks like they don't care about their clients at all. The two company owners there seem to hate anyone that asks for support at all, I was kicked off their IRC network several times and seemingly a lot for trying to help others with their server problems.

    Also, a lot of their VDS clients have had their server down for more then a week at a time (Not confirmed, been told that by several clients) and they refused to give refund on anything of this sort. I currently still have a dedicated server from them, so that is why I have hesitated to post this on WHT, their prices may be great but their support definetly isn't.

    Then when I bought managed services from another company, all they did was quote that they had a certification in linux etc etc and that the other company didn't and all this other crap that I didn't care about. It seems like all they do is brag about what certifications they have, but to me thats just another piece of worthless metal if tou don't put that good knowledge to work.

    (Now all I have to hope is that they don't see this and pull the plug on my server, which I still have 6 - 8 months with)
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    To right

    Fusednetwork have to have the worst staff around, my VDS that i had with them ($80 a month) was down for more then half a month, and they would refund, or extend the billing period, cause they have no SLA,

    the thing is, it wouldnt of been down for that long, if they had actually listened to me and tried helping a customer out, how the hell they think i can fix it, when i cant even get the the server, cause its either A) Frozen or B) Shutdown
    i have no idea what they do, but they sure arnt helping people out,

    just today i told them to cancel my dedicated windows server, which i only have one of,,,they replied to me "IP?"
    that was it... and surely they keep records of what customers use what servers?? or just cant they be arsed to.

    Anyway, i have been sick of fusednetwork ever since i handed the money over to them, and would never recommend anyone go to them to purchase a server.

    Also, they are always messing up the VDS installs...can someone take there time to teach the person how to do it

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    Also, since I can't edit...

    It all even started off bad, the first OS they installed for me had its RPM database messed up and I had to PAY THEM for a new install.. Seemed more like a way to rip people off, since I had to pay a good $45.00 dollar reinstall for seemingly their mistake, and I think they should of done it since it WAS their mistake!


    Yes, vivalabam is right, all their RedHat installs has something messed up with them, it seems that the OS doesn't allow you to install ANYTHING at all and I only say this because I fixed a few of their VDS'es by their clients paying me to fix it for them...

    --Another EDIT--
    They also charged me $500.00 for designing a website that was basically coded the same way their's were and they convinced me it. But all they did was probably spend 15 minutes of copy and pasting code and charge me $500.00 for it and they took a whole two weeks doing so.
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    yes just yesterday someone had there RPM install messed up, takes them days to respond to people again
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    well, looks like the end of the line with me and fusednetworks, wonder when my perfectly fine server is gonna start playing up there now...
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    guess were the only people who think this ? anyone else out there sick of fusednetwork, heard any bad stories reports on them ?
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    hmm interesting..

    We have been shopping in Chicago recently and Fused is one of the folks we looked at.. We sent an email asking a few questions and they responded saying they will get the information and send an email back but no word again.. Even after two more follow up emails from us.. I would tend to agree with the OP on the support isn't so great..
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    They seem to be very good at sales, but once you paid them... Your nothing to them but another client..
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    I've had ok support. I still haven't had them do a reverse lookup for my IP, thus most mail servers reject my mail.

    I'm switching over to servermatrix today ..

    Also I get about 10-15k visitors a day and the bandwidth provided on the "10mbps" unmetered cannot handle it.
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