Hello there,

I am currently looking to sell my site; it is a forum with the domain name "Roflnub.com." The board currently has around 550 members, and over 3,000 posts! It also recieves around 400-500 unique hits daily. This board also has an arcade with over 400 games for the members to enjoy. It also inlcludes many other mods/addons, including a store, downloads, topsites listing, affiliates, and a portal. Another big feature of the site would be the tutorials section. We have around 20 tutorials in over 5 categories!

stats ss:

The package would include the domain name, the mysql database backups, all files, all tutorials, forum admin, forum support (by me, if needed.), and all mods. The support would include any mod installs that need to be done, forum upgrades, etc etc.

Package price: $150 dollars USD (may negotiate.)

View site: http://roflnub.com

I am also selling the following domains.


All domains registered at Idotz.net.

For all domains and no complete website, it will be $100 USD.
For ALL the domains, AND the complete website, it will only be $200 USD.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these packages, please contact me via pm, e-mail ([email protected]), aim (lolitscasey), or msn ([email protected]).

Here are some more screenshots.