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    * GoDaddy Merchant Accouns


    I have visited the GoDaddys E-Commerce section today and have found pretty good offers for international merchants. I think like buying it since godaddy has a good reputation, but i still doubt if i really should. If anybody had expierence with it, please give me a small review.

    Thank you in advance,
    And sorry if there was any other topic like this one,
    Roman Samoilov.

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    Approval rate for Internation Merchant accounts is very low - we send some our customers to them, they paid their money and cannot get merchant account (cannot get approval) - got refund, but now we suggest everybody outside USA to use WorldPay


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    Well my country is not among those who are accepted by WorldPay. Is there any other international merchant accounts provider ? What about PayQuake ?

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    I believe GoDaddy uses Payquake. I am a GoDaddy reseller with the ability to resell merchant accounts, and they are PayQuake.
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