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    Question and and

    Who is good?

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    I say layeredtech because they seem like they have a pretty good network and they seem to treat their clients pretty well...

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    41 has the best network out there and their support is very near the best I've ever had! I'd definately go for them.

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    i would go with layeredtech for sure

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    I have servers at both companies - both are good - fast and good support and qulality and reliable bandwidth but each one has his own advantages and disadvantages. are older and more stable in business because they own their Data Center and all equipment, also on level of server owner they privode some features that does not exists in LayeredTech - like remote reboot and reverse DNS managent.

    So have next advantages that do not have LayeredTech:
    1. Remote reboot from web.
    2. Reverse DNS management tool from web for each server owner.
    3. More stable in business and own all their datacenter.

    But from other hand stopped to accept PayPal and also they require to 12 months payments terms, so you cannot cancel server in the middle of 12 year period, or you can pay higher price for 1 month term.
    Also does not have one-time hardware upgrades like LayeredTech have.
    However LayeredTech still have problems with their support desk and client areas which is still not integrated properly in one normal system, but I hope they will resolve these problems soon.

    So I see next advantages on LayeredTech, which does not exists on :

    1. Very good prices on month to month contracts and low setup fees.
    2. Flexibility on all products - so you can add any hardware parts for one-time fee and also can add unmetered bandwidth connectin if you wish on any server - for very good prices as well.
    Also you can order very high level servers (with 4 and more physical cpus)
    3. Accept paypal.
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    Either way you go I'm sure you'll be happy, I've heard nothing but great things about Layeredtech!

    I wanted to clarify a previous post: (If this mods feel this is self promotion, I apologize and feel free to edit)

    15 Minute Servers offers three setup fee options on all servers.
    15 Minute Servers offers 1, 3, 6, and 12 month contracts
    15 Minute Servers also offers unmetered 10 & 100 Mb/s servers.
    Matthew Winship
    15 Minute Servers / Net Access Corp.

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    LayeredTechs support system/client systems are some of the most confusing things i've ever had to use....

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    oh..ho..., it is difficult to choose...

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    Guru !!! I on start ...
    Give 100 % argument !

  10. We have 7 boxes with 15minute and we're leaving them due to some serious network issues the past week to week and a half.

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    I have a server with 15minute and iam happy.
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    We have 2 servers at 15minute no network or other issues... Its pretty a pretty solid service IMO.

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    help --- price configuration:

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