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    starting a dod game server

    hi peeps,

    im trying to run a dod game server. its a hl mod for those who dont know.

    ive created a run script to attach to a custom command button in webmin....

    screen -r clan101 -X quit
    echo Server has been restarted
    screen -dmS clan101 ./hlds_run -game dod +ip +maxplayers 12 +exec server.cfg +map dod_anzio
    and when i go to run it i keep getting an error saying...

    /bin/sh: line 1: ./start: No such file or directory

    the file is there i dont see why it aint working.

    the tutorial i followed can be found at....

    any ideas? im proberly overlooking somthing.

    many thanx.

    if i key in ./hlds_run -game dod +ip +maxplayers 12 +exec server.cfg +map dod_anzio

    in ssh the server starts fine. but I really need it with the button in webmin as using ssh it always closes the server when i exit.

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    ive got it to start using...

    ./hlds_run -game dod +ip +maxplayers 12 +exec server.cfg +map dod_anzio

    but for some reason it closes when i close ssh window. any ideas.

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    use screen ./hlds_run -game dod +ip +maxplayers 12 +exec server.cfg +map dod_anzio from ssh and then close ssh it should stay running

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    As far as the error goes... it probably is not finding the proper path for the start script. Make sure that when you setup the custom button, you have the "Run in directory" option filled out properly. Also, make sure your script that you created is called start.

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    ./hlds_run -game dod +ip +maxplayers 12 +exec server.cfg +map dod_anzio &

    crtl + c

    it should make it a background process. To kill simply

    ps -aux | grep hlds_run

    and kill the processes, there should be 2 processes per gameserver.
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