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    Free Hosting

    I am thinking of opening a Free Hosting website. I am probably gonna get a VPS and then upgrade if I get a lot of people.

    I was thinking packages like:

    100MB Disk Space
    3GB Bandwidth
    1MySQL Database
    cPanel, fantastico, etc..
    Free subdomain
    php, and a lot of other language support.

    I have a fully working (verifyed, tax filled out etc...) google ads account.

    I am thinking of coding in .htacces to put the google ads on every page of every website I host. I have a decent amount of money to spend on this.

    My questions to anyonelse who does this or knows about it:

    Do a lot of people jump on it real quick (like get a lot of traffic and customers)

    And, is it easy to run? (Since I don't have to provide very great support, just check help desk once or twice a day).

    Does it use a lot of bandwidth?

    And, are there a lot of abusers (like people who use it to host porn or underage porn, or like other bad stuff)?

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    I tried doing that for a bit; but i ended up getting loads of support emails from newbs who didnt know how to upload their site etc.

    I got a couple of people trying to upload porn but i stopped it ASAP.

    Have a go just for experience just dont expect it to be an easy job.

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    Also been there, done that, and personally, i wouldnt recomend it unless you have a LOT of time on your hands to manage it... you need to constantly check accounts for illegal material, and sites in foreign languages can also make this difficult, because you dont know what's being said!... a clause in our TOS stating English only sites didnt stop us being listed in japanese free hosting directories

    Money wont be your enemy in the free hosting business, time will...

    (plus, as far as im concerned, your sanity's worth more than you coule possibly make from free hosting )
    Rob G.
    ShopManager - Sales & Repair Business Management Software

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    You can find answers to your questions there. But I'll answer a few of them here for ya (We own a free hosting company)...

    1)Do a lot of people jump on it real quick (like get a lot of traffic and customers)
    That depends on how you advertise it. Usually submitting it to free directories works. I suggest submitting it to, they increased our traffic from 10 signups a day to 100 signups a day. Plus you're giving out CPanel & Fantastico, that is a RARE feature free hosting companies give out.

    2) And, is it easy to run? (Since I don't have to provide very great support, just check help desk once or twice a day).
    Whoa, only twice a day? You might want to warn them that support is only provided a few times a day because MANY newbies open free hosting accounts; this means you will have lots of support tickets. Plus, most of them probably won't know how to use CPanel and such, so you'll have to explain it to them.

    3)Does it use a lot of bandwidth?
    Well we have 1000GB b/w pre-paid and only use like 100 GB monthly and we have 1000 members! So I guess the answer is no, but always be ready to upgrade if you need too.

    4)Well it depends on who all you accept. We make sure there are no false signups (ex: Name: ejdhsj) and we usually don't accept signups from China simply because when we did they tried to hack our server many times.

    Will you be setting these accounts up through CPanel only? This might be a little hard once you start getting 100 signups a day.

    Best Regards,
    Former owner of 275mb, DKMHosting, and Easy-Upload

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    dont mean to be the hard one here but i would like to know what people get out of offering free hosting.i mean that is a bit of money to spend to just give it away?

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    I am thinking of also having community forums and such on my free web hosting site. And I might have a user-to-user support forum also. Do forums gain any popularity on free web hosting sites or are they just pretty much useless?

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    From having offered free services to some companies and people over the years I will say that free customers are generally the worst of the bunch. From what I've observed they have the most unrealistic expectations, tend to make demands or threats, and open the most support tickets.

    Services with the word "free" attached tend to attract the bottom feeders of the world... the people that think the world owes THEM a living. Not all of them of course, but enough that I wouldn't suggest you do it.
    If you have to operate your company behind the scenes or under a fake name, maybe it's time to leave the industry and start something fresh.

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