Hallo all!

Ive decided to sell my website www.ultraseek.us after many days of thinking. IM selling due to the fact i dont have time and now the search engine is getting more popular... I really cant be bothered to mainatain it

With the sale you get:

The domain www.ultraseek.us (Namecheap account free push) Which has been pro appraised by a offical "appraiser" Not some software at 1xx.

You get the whole site; scripting included; which includes a "Submit My Site" Script and the very advanced search engine scripting.
Im getting alot of uniques now; and the site is getting more and more popular. The google ads bring in quite a bit of dosh as well with loads of advertising space around the site.

Ive been offered 100 for it; but i was hoping for a number nearer 200 so please PM me your offer/if you want more info.

(Paypal Only)

Thanks alot