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    Exclamation Usability Awards-Check it out

    If you're proud of your company's web site and want to get some recognition for your work, check out this new awards program that honors the most usable sites on the web. It's sponsored by MasterCard, which is kind of weird, but the program is legit. One thing - the deadline for entries is VERY soon - May 31. Check it out here:

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    Very cool! I'm a big fan of corporations that endorse usability practices. The contest is limited to e-commerce sites and sites offering products/service in/to the financial industry - just to let people know.

    Good stuff - thanks for sharing that one
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    thanks for that heads up, we signed up
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    You also posted in the main forums, double posting is not allowed.
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    But at least there was a valid purpose given the looming deadline.

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