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    I need some more information about HTTPme people. my self is web designer and give complete solution to my customer with web hosting. Also coming up with new intranet portal which when goes live will attract more people a day. so at end i am planning to host 5+ website right now along with my portal in few days. how good that would be if i go ahead for PLAN01 with HTTPme. with $35/month

    anyone has bad experience with them.

    do you have any other sugestion better than HTTpme? let me know.

    Thanks all of you.

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    I think if you do a search on the forum for httpme you will find 100's of good reviews for this company.
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    Go to their forum and read some posts. I have read good reviews about them.
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  4. #4 is a solid company, and they have an excellent reputation here at webhostingtalk.

    The company was started by the user here called "AussieBob", and was purchased by InsiderHosting last year. In the 4 years of operation, I don't think there have been more then 1 or 2 negative threads here.. but there have been MANY satisfied customers.

    Be sure to visit their pre-sales forum and ask any questions you have. Perhaps even register for a helpdesk user ID and submit a sample ticket so you get an idea of how quick is their support and service.

    They also offer fully managed dedicated servers, which is great if you intend to grow your business. Eventually you'll need a server, and it's nice to stay with the same company when you need to grow.

    Let us know what you decide.
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