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    Webmail ... Need some Help

    Hello , This is kind of a confusing question/s so im going to break down in 2 to make it easier on you guys , im going to break it down into #1 Webmail For personal use #2 Webmail For Customers

    #1 Webmail For Personal use

    i would like to setup a webmail service kind of like Hotmail etc ,
    i would like to offer free Email and Paid services im not sure but i think i will have to manualy setup the paid accounts or is there a way to have people sign up for a paid account automaticly , eather way what scripts do u recomend for this ........ the auto pay account is not so important

    #2 Webmail for Costumers

    i need some kind of script i can setup on customers accounts that will allow them to setup email accounts and reading email all in one something close to Hivemail ...... i know they can do that with Cpanel but for example, a game clan needs to give out emails to all theirs members . a member can just go to a link and signup for an account but and admin will have to aprove it...... also i need to make sure that the script wont let them go over their email account limit

    if you know of any Mail scripts that will help me please let me know , if u know of one that will work both ways even tho it dont have a pay subcription etc atleast it will let me have diff space accounts , i know is a bit complicated but any help is help Thanks alot and hope u can help me out

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    thanks alot

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