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    free control panel can batch create subdomains?

    are there anyone? I wanna create hundreds of subdomains under my domain...
    Thank You

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    I don't know about a free control panel, but I am sure you could find a host that you can make hundreds of subdomains and addon domains through...
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    Yeah, any host would work, just get the right plan!

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    thanx guys, but mine is my own dedicated server ~_~

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    Short version: with DTC you can script every actions, including what you asked.

    Long version: since the very begining of the project, Domain Technologie Control use a system that is fully scriptable. That means that all action you do will generate an URL that you can easily recreate yourself. You can cut and past an URL you will see using the panel (just replace the random generated pass by the real one, and be sure to use HTTPS) and put them in a PHP code (for example) and use fsockopen($url) to actually do the action you like in a script. That also include all subdomain actions. My panel is THE ONLY ONE working like this (even commercial solution don't have this nice feature).


    P.S: The next release will kick ***! I'm sure you will all love it.
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