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    Run your own PayPal site - Script for $25


    We have for sale a script that allows you to run your own PayPal website.

    The script has been modded for ease of use, it works just like paypal, obviously not as advance but it works with Payment processors like PayPal, Egold, PaySystems, your own merchant account, and a few others. You can set the fee's (Percent and flat charge) and ability to accept Echeque and postal order funds and activate in the administration panel.

    In the admin panel you may edit the pages and emails sent, account logs, and alot more. You can also create accounts manually through this.

    There is a 6 level affiliate scheme included, you can set the commissions in the admin panel. Also an FAQ manager, and a shop category program so users can list their products and shops.

    The system can allow one time purchases of products as well as subscriptions. People send funds to users accounts by simply entering their username, else they can send funds by writing in an email address, which will ask them to sign up to receive their funds.

    Withdrawing money is simple as well, you can set the fee's and minimum amount required to withdraw. You can use PayPal's automatic deposit system for send cheques to the user.

    The most clever part of this system is the Escrow service. Users can set up escrows for security for jobs and purchases. This can be processed by the administrator in the admin panel. You may charge a fee for this.

    Also if a users account goes into debt a warning will be sent and you may set how long they have till suspension.

    This script has alot of potential if in the right hands!

    If you are interested in buying please send a total of $25 to my PayPal : [email protected]

    Any questions just ask.

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    Below are my contact details.

    MSN : [email protected]
    AIM : WebspaceUK
    Email : [email protected]

    I look forward to all your replies and wish you good luck with a high potential website!

    Kindest Regards,

    James Parmee Morris
    Web Hosting Telephone Customer Services
    Telephone: 0800 310 2729 - Blog: Click here

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    do you have a demo site? I would like to see the site/script in action

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    Paypal script payable via Paypal?

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    lol Homeblock, i wanted to say that but thread creator didn't want any replies in the thread. I wonder why?

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    just curious, but why would anyone want to run their own paypal type of service. isn't paypal pretty much standard.

    i don't think there is much trust in others running similar sites.

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    Mantra: i think he means this script allows you to manage varous services using PayPal

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    Elliot A i think he means another service like paypal, basically you will be competing with paypal.

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    i think its the script called doswarepay or somrthing. it allows you to open a service like paypal or stormpay ...
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